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Savannah Adult
Recreation Club

Savannah Adult Recreation Club (SARC), based in Savannah, Georgia, stands as a beacon for adult social and sports activities. With over 10,000 members, it has become the prime destination for locals to connect and engage in various sports and social events. However, SARC's digital presence did not mirror its vibrant physical community. This led them to collaborate with Impressive Click to develop a comprehensive digital solution.

Services Rendered

Client Challenges

SARC's main hurdle was the lack of a robust online platform for event registration and management. Existing third-party tools were outdated, lacked mobile responsiveness, and failed to provide a seamless user experience. Given that 85% of SARC's registrations occurred via mobile devices, the absence of a mobile-friendly interface significantly hampered their operations and member engagement.

Our Solution

Impressive Click undertook a holistic approach to revamp SARC's digital presence, focusing on both the frontend and backend. The team crafted a vibrant, engaging website that encapsulated the essence of SARC's community. A key feature was a highlight reel on the homepage, showcasing a year's worth of events in compelling video snippets. This visual storytelling instantly communicated the club's dynamic nature to prospective members.

A new e-commerce system streamlined the registration process. Members could easily sign up for programs, view schedules, check team standings, and communicate with other participants. The platform also integrated text message notifications for game reminders and upcoming events, enhancing user convenience.

Impressive Click and their team not only built us an amazing website that captured the essence of what our club is about, but they also built us software from the ground up that now makes managing our club as easy as a few clicks. What used to take us 3-4 days with other software, now takes us 30 seconds. They are amazingly talented and I’d recommend them to any business that values their time and wants a product that will have an impact on its customers.

Matt, Savannah Adult Recreation Club

The Impact

Post-implementation, SARC experienced a remarkable transformation. Their events began selling out rapidly, highlighting the platform's effectiveness in engaging the community. The only challenge SARC faced was the high demand, with events filling up faster than anticipated. This outcome signified a successful digital transformation, aligning SARC's online presence with its vibrant offline community and setting a new standard for sports and social clubs.

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We like to put our clients first, but since you're curious, we've been around since 2008 and have worked with over 600 different clients. We were founded during a recession and survived through many different technological advancements. Put simply, we're here to stay and that's because we instill a single motto "the best or nothing".

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