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The Firefly Group

The Firefly Group, established in 2003 and based in Palm City, is a leading public relations and marketing firm on the Treasure Coast. Recognized for their excellence in traditional marketing and PR, they faced a pivotal challenge in extending their expertise to the digital realm for their diverse client base.

Services Rendered

Client Challenges

The Firefly Group identified a critical need among their clients for robust digital solutions, including the development and enhancement of websites. These digital assets were essential for amplifying the effectiveness of their PR and marketing campaigns. However, website design and digital marketing were not within The Firefly Group's core competencies, posing a significant hurdle in offering comprehensive services to their clients.

Our Solution

In 2010, The Firefly Group turned to Impressive Click for a strategic partnership. Impressive Click, known for its prowess in digital marketing and website design, offered white-label services. This collaboration meant that Impressive Click would provide digital solutions directly to The Firefly Group's clients, under The Firefly Group's brand. This approach eliminated the need for The Firefly Group to invest in developing an in-house digital team, offering a cost-effective and expert solution for their clients.

Impressive Click has been our trusted web development partner for more than fifteen years. We've worked seamlessly with Waldo and his team to design, develop and maintain many dozens of our client's websites over the years. Not only is he highly skilled, reliable, professional and responsive but he has stayed in the forefront of changing technological world and continues to produce beautiful, intuitively navigable and easy to update websites. I can't say enough about what a positive collaborative experience it's been working with Waldo and highly recommend his firm!

Stacy Ranieri, The Firefly Group

Long-Term Impact

This partnership proved to be a resounding success. For over 14 years, The Firefly Group and Impressive Click have maintained a strong relationship, collectively enhancing the digital presence of over 200 clients. The synergy between The Firefly Group's marketing expertise and Impressive Click's digital acumen has led to a sustained enhancement of client services, reinforcing The Firefly Group's position as a comprehensive marketing and PR firm.

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Our History

We like to put our clients first, but since you're curious, we've been around since 2008 and have worked with over 600 different clients. We were founded during a recession and survived through many different technological advancements. Put simply, we're here to stay and that's because we instill a single motto "the best or nothing".

Now enjoy a totally fabricated back story.

Waldo codes his first program eight months after birth
At age 7, Waldo invents a time travel machine
Waldo soon realizes the complexities of a life of time travel
Wanting a simpler life, Waldo decides to open Impressive Click